Photo Evidence Documentation Kit is designed to provide crime scene investigators with an array of evidence marking materials, making photo documentation as easy and accurate as possible.

Kit Components

1 ea. Utility Case, 12 x 7 x 5

1 ea. Photo Markers Set, #s 1-15

12 ea. Assorted 6″ vinyl photo scales (2 ea. white, black, grey,

transparent, blue, and yellow)

1 ea. ABFO Photomacrographic L Scale

1 ea. Fluorescent L Scale

1 ea. Pack of Adhesive Backed Scales – 2 in/5 cm, Grey w/Black (50 p/pk)

1 ea. Pack of Disposable 6″ L Scales White w/Black (25 p/pk)

1 ea. Roll Adhesive Backed L Scales with write-on area, 100/roll

1 ea. Roll Adhesive Backed Photo Scale Tape, 2.5 cm x 12.5 m (inch/metric)

1 ea. Evidence Marker, Black

1 ea. Tape Measure 16 ft/5 m

Photo Evidence Documentation Kit