Foot Print casting kit

Foot Print Casting Kit

A complete evidential casting outfit for making accurate reproductions of foot prints. This kit can also be used for casting tyre mark found in a scene of crime.

Sexual/Rape Evidence Collection Kit

Sexual/ Rape Evidence Collection Kit was developed to provide consistent, thorough evidence in cases of suspected sexual assault.

Rape Evidence Collection KIt
Foot Print casting Frame

Foot Print Casting Frame

These frames are made of Aluminium and can be adjustable. These frames are used to avoid the flow of plaster casting material out. These frames are very useful not only for making evidential casts of foot print but also for making a cost of a tyre print impressions at the crime scene. The over lap clips provided in the aluminium frame allow upto 8 inches of expansion. Available with a width : (fixed) 7 inches. Retracted Length : 10″. Expanded Length :18″

Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter

As people move throughout a scene, dust and other particulate matter can be transferred from the respective

footwear (or other objects) to various surfaces that have been walked upon. Electrostatic dust print lifting devices give the scientist the ability to enhance, collect and preserve such impressions.

Electrostatic dust print lifting devices operate by charging a plastic film, placed over the dust print, which creates electrostatic adhesions and draws the film onto the surface bearing the print. The dust particles are attracted to the film because of this charge and adhere to it. The film retains a charge after the unit is turned off, thus retaining the particles of dust. The print must be composed of loose residue, and the residue must be dry for this process to work. Also, a proper ground must be achieved when applying the electrical charge. On some surfaces, it is difficult or impossible to achieve a ground and the procedure will not work, necessitating alternative lifting methods. 

Electrostatic dust print lifter is generally used on a conductive surface, requiring the use of a grounding plate, held off the surface with a nonconductive sheet while applying a charge to the silver-backed lifting media. 

Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter
Vernier Caliper 2

Vernier Caliper

Carbon Fiber Composites Digital Caliper.

1.Made Of Extra Strong Carbon Fiber Composites

2.Minimum Scale to Read is 0.1mm, Max Scale to Read is 150mm

3.Battery: SR44/LR44.1.5Volt

Wheel Clamp with Padlock

Easy to Use

Suitable for almost all vehicles on Indian Road

Master key option is also available.

Wheel clamp with padlock
Rotating Search Light

Rotating Search Light

Power Output – 10,000 candle power

Working voltage – 12 V DC /24 V DC

Power output -55W and 100 W (75 W for 24 V model)

Bulb – High beam halogen bulb

Dimension -17.5×17.5×19 cm

Base design – Rubber suction pad/ ferrite magnetic pad.

Rotation -440 degree horizontally. 70 degree vertically.

Weight -3 kgs.

Handle -Swing away type.

Operation -Wireless / Wired Remote control.

Explosive Detection Kit

Portable detection kits for explosives and explosive precursors include a customized set of detectors for explosives and/or explosive precursors. All portable detection kits form color when the target explosive or precursor is present. They are simple to use, even for unskilled personnel. All materials in the kits can be transported and disposed of without restriction or certification.

Their small size (10x7x3″ or less) and weight (470g or less)

make these portable detection kits ideal for use in the field.

Kit Features-

Contains all necessary for complete analysis-

Sample collection devices included

12 Month Shelf Life-

Full Color Instructions and Reference colors provided

Product Description and Use :

Each Portable Detection Kit contains a selection of detectors:

  1. Portable Detection Kit contains a selection of detectors:    Nitro-Pen – Explosive Residues of Nitro-Organics, Nitramines and Inorganic Nitrates Examples: TNT, PETN, HMX, RDX
  2. On-The-Spot – Explosive Residues of Inorganic Nitrates Examples: Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate
  3. Verifier-Explosive Precursors, Flammables and Strong Oxidizers Examples: Acetone, Hydrogen Peroxide.
  4. Gel-Ox – Explosive Precursors, Strong Oxidizers in Thick Liquids and Gels Examples: Hydrogen Peroxide.
  5. Chlorate/Perchlorate – Explosive Precursors,Fuel Examples: Sodium Chlorate, Ammonium Perchlorate.
Explosive Detection Kit
In flight Explosive Detection Kit

In-Flight Explosives Detection Kit

In-Flight Explosives Detection Kit allows any stewardess, pilot, or traveler to determine in less than 3 minutes if a suspicious powder, solid or liquid found on board an airplane is an explosive or could be used to make an explosive. In-Flight Explosives Detection Kit, (IFED), comes with five separate detectors for explosives and explosive precursors. The IFED contains no harmful solvents or aerosols and can be used safely on-board aircraft, even in flight. The Kit is small (10x7x3″) and lightweight (410gm), making it easy to carry and store on aircraft. The IFED was designed to reduce the significant cost of re-routing aircraft and associated delays caused when suspicious substances are found during aircraft flights.

Product Description and Use:

The IFED contains five detectors:

  1. Nitro-Pen – Explosive Residues of Nitro-Organics, Nitramines and Inorganic Nitrates Examples: TNT, PETN, HMX, RDX.
  2. On-The-Spot – Explosive Residues of Inorganic Nitrates Examples: Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate.
  3. Verifier – Explosive Precursors, Flammables and Strong Oxidizers. Examples: Acetone, Hydrogen Peroxide.

4. Gel-Ox – Explosive Precursors, Strong Oxidizers in Thick Liquids and Gels Examples: Hydrogen Peroxide.

5.  Acid Test – Explosive Precursors, Strong Acids. Examples: Sulfuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid. All detectors form color when the target explosive or precursor is present.

They are simple to use, even for unskilled personnel and give results in seconds.


Contains all necessary tools for complete analysis.    

Sample collection devices included.

6 Month Shelf Life.

Full Color Instructions and Reference colors provided.

Bullet Hole Examination Kit

The examination of suspected bullet holes in clothing, bodies, and other objects for the presence of lead and copper can frequently provide valuable information such as whether the damage was caused by a bullet, whether the bullet was copper jacketed, and the angulations of penetration. Our Bullet Hole Examination Kit provides all of the chemical reagents and supplies required to perform analysis for the presence of lead and copper wipe around suspected bullet holes. The kit contains 24 complete sets of premeasured reagents (contained in dropper bottles), filter paper, positive lead and copper control strips, and instructions for use. A set of refill reagents is also available to reorder. The kit is packaged in a durable, lightweight plastic case with foam for easy and safe transport from one crime scene to another.


Plastic Kit Box, 12″ L x 7.5″ W x 4″ H      

Lead Reagent A – 1 dropper bottle      

Lead Reagent B – Tubes with a Glass Vial Enclosed – 12 per kit

Copper Reagent A – 1 dropper bottle      

Copper Reagent B – Tubes with a Glass Vial Enclosed – 12 per kit      

Container of Lead Positive Control Strips      

Container of Copper Positive Control Strips      

Box of Filter Paper      

Kit Instructions Affixed to Inside of the Box

bullet hole examination kit
bullet hole testing kit and ampoules'
Bullet Hole Testing Master Kit 2

Bullet Hole Testing Master Kit and Ampoule Refills

The identification of bullet holes may be very important in the investigation of criminal cases involving the use of firearms. These bullet holes are usually characterized by the presence of metals (mainly lead and copper) originating from the bullet’s outer surfaces in the margins of these holes. Using our Bullet Hole Testing (BTK) Master Kit can help the investigator identify the caliber and direction from which the bullet was fired. The test is performed by applying a few drops of reagents on Benchkote® paper (plastic-backed filter paper) and applying it to the suspected bullet

hole. The test reagents are contained within glass ampoules in specially designed protective plastic tubes, making the process safe for the operator, as there is no direct contact with the chemicals when the ampoule is broken. The 4-step process takes 3-4 minutes from the time of sampling until final results are obtained, enabling quick screening of large numbers of suspected bullet holes. The kit has been designed for simplicity of operation and can be used at a crime scene by any technician or non-scientific personnel with some basic training. Several bullet holes can be examined at each crime scene using only one set of test tubes.

Bullet Hole Testing (BTK) Master Kit (CK-BTK)

 1 ea.  Sturdy black Kit Case (10.4” W x 13.1” L x 3.33” H)

 10 ea.  Lead Solvent Ampoules

 10 ea. Lead Reagent Ampoules

 10 ea. Copper Solvent Ampoules

 10 ea. Copper Reagent Ampoules

 50 ea. Benchkote Test Papers (Plastic-backed filter paper) 

100 ea.  Plastic Bags (for packing the positive test papers)

 4 ea. Technician Report Forms

 1 ea. White PhotographicScale

 1 ea. Permanent Marker

Gunpowder Particle Detection Kit

The ability to detect and visualize gunpowder particles on a victim, clothing, or other object resulting from the discharge of a firearm can be of great assistance in the investigation of firearms related incidents. The pattern and distribution of these particles can assist in determining whether an incident is a homicide or suicide and the approximate distance and angle between the firearm muzzle and target and can often discredit a suspect’s version of the incident.

Our Gunpowder Particle Detection Kit provides all of the chemical reagents and supplies required to perform a very sensitive test to detect and visualize the nitrites contained in these minute powder particles. The kit contains 10 complete sets of gunpowder particle detection reagents, collection supplies, positive control strips, and instructions for use. The reagents are also available to reorder individually as needed. The kit is packaged in a durable, lightweight plastic case with foam for easy and safe transport from one crime scene to another.


•   Plastic Kit Box, 12″ L x 7.5″ W x 4″ H

•   Gunpowder Particle Detection Reagent A – 10 bottles per kit

•   Gunpowder Particle Detection Reagent B – 10 vials per kit

•   Rinse Solution – 1 bottle per kit

•   Container of Gunpowder Particle Positive Control Strips

•   Gunpowder Particle Contact Paper

•   Package of Lifter Sheets

•   Spray Heads – 2 per kit

•   Kit Instructions Affixed to inside of the Box

Gunpowder Particle Detection Kit
Ultrasonic Distance Meter Laser Pointer

Ultrasonic Distance Meter Laser Pointer

Ultrasonic Distance Meter Measurer -cp3007

The ULTRASONIC DISTANCE METER LASER POINTER is a perfect tool to quickly know the distance, area and volume of a room. It can measure distances in a straight-line from 1.5 Feet to 60 Feet. Your distance measurer transmits ultrasonic waves to a point you want to measure. Afterwards, it measures the time taken by the waves to reflect and then calculates and re-transcribes the distance.


With laser point aiming

Foot/Meter function button

LCD screen on a luminous background

Auto stop: switches off if you do not press any key for 4 min.

Memory: allows you to measure and to store 3 different measures

Calculation of area and volume.

Addition and Subtraction function: allows you to add or subtract 2 measures.

Clearing of memory function: allows you to delete quickly all the measures stored.

Correction of errors: the distance measurer indicates that a distance measured is either too long, or too short.

Power supply: 1 x 9V Alkaline type 6LR61 Battery (Not included)

Units of Measure: Feet/Meters

Accuracy: /-0.5%

Frequency: 40 kHz (ultrasonic pickup)

Working temperature: 0to 43

Range: 0.91m to 20m

Color: Yellow

Dimensions (H-P-l): 142 x 73 x 47mm

Weight (without battery): 144.6g

Laser beam: Wattage 1mW (mW =milliwatt)

Wavelength: 650nm (nm =nanometer)  

Liquid Filled Prismatic Compass

Liquid Filled Prismatic Compass is a robust, precision instrument of predominantly brass construction, designed to withstand most arduous climatic conditions. Liquid filled compass can be used in land or sea by architects, engineers, yachtsmen, foresters, geologists or defence forces for direction finding during day as well as night.


Scale : 360 ° (6400 mil)

Accuracy in scale : + 0.5 °

Top scale : Adjustable 360 °

Accuracy in top scale : + 1

Scale reading : Through lensatic prism

Mounting : Magnetic needle provided with jewel resting on

an iridium point pivot

Tilt in total rotation : 14 °

Weight : 275 gms.

Special Features:-

• The compass is tested to temp. -30 ° – 70 °

• Essential marking with luminous paint to facilitate reading at night.

• Can be supplied in polished brass body or in Blank or olive green colour.

• Supplied with leatherette case with belt loop and sling.

Liquid filled prismatic compass
Portable Search Light

Portable Search Light /Emergency Light

Our search lights are light in weight so these can be carried easily. In addition, these rechargeable search lights are incorporated with features such as dimmer, flasher, timer, etc.


Law enforcing agencies

Police and para military

Defense forces

Airport / railways and bus terminals

Forest / Dams


Rugged reliable , water resistant body, simple to use

Portable with adjustable nylon shoulder strap

Black colour ABS / glass filled plastic body

Bulb 55 watt high power halogen lamp

Beam distance – 350 meters and above

Modes of operation – Timer continuous and flash

Operation time – 60 min (± 10 min) continuous operation on full Charge mode

Glass – Toughened – Shock resistant

Continuous/flash mode -toggle switch provided

Timer Mode – regulatory timer circuit

Auto switch On – power failure emergency light switches on automatically during charging mode.

Low battery condition -alarm provided – audio and visual

Advanced Low battery condition -alarm provided – audio and visual

Battery – 12 volt 7 Ah maintenance free leak sealed battery

Charger – built – in

Circuit with fuse on AC and DC side with indication -Provided

Dimension – 25cm L x 17cm front dia x 14cm rear dia

Weight – 4 kg

Warranty – 3 years

Digital Voice Recorder

A digital voice recorder is a handheld device designed to record voice and sound with superior sound recording and playback, without the need for media. The sound files created on the recorder are managed in a file system on an internal hard drive or removable flash drive and can be uploaded to a computer for playback, transcription, or audio editing.


Audio Format – MP1, MP2, MP3, WAV, WMA

Internal memory – 4 GB

TF/Micro SD card Slot – Up to 32 GB SUPPORT

LCD display with backlight -128 x 64 lattice screen

Speaker – Built-in

Stereo Microphone – Built-in

Recording indicator -Provided

Keys -Separated keys for recording and playing

Recording Modes :

SP for high Quality Recording Voice without distorting , 144 Hours

LP for long time recording, 288 Hours

SP Voice for high Quality recording Under voice activated recording

LP Voice: for long time recording under voice activated recording

Recording telephone conversation : connect the recorder with the telephone via telephone adaptor, the recorder can record telephone conversation.

Sound control Function (VOR) Available

VOR system : Voice operated / Activated Recording (Automatically starts recording when there’s sound and pauses when there’s no sound)

Battery low power indication

Built- in lithium battery, rechargeable battery

Interfaces : USB, Headphone / Earphone and Microphone

OS compatibility : Windows 7 (32/64 bits ), windows Vista(32/64 bits ), Windows XP(32/64 bits ), windows 2000, Mac OS, Linux and Above..


Battery Charger

4 GB SD card provided

USB cable

Line out cable



Telephone cable

User manual

Warranty 3 year

Alcometer 1
Alcometer 2
Alcometer 3



  1. Sensor – Electrochemical Fuel Cell
  2. Measuring Range – 00mg/100ml to 400mg/100ml or 0.00 to 0.8BAC%
  3. Accuracy – +/-0.004BAC% at 0.16BAC % or +/-2% at 80 mg/100 ml
  4. Units of measurement -BAC, mg/100 ml, BrAC, mg/L
  5. Display – 128×64 Graphical LCD that displays, alcohol content, serial no, date, battery level, Time.
  6. Memory -9999 Memory with date, time, alcohol  Content. Memory is not erased even if the power is switched OFF

7 Printer inbuilt dot matrix – Plain Paper

printer that prints Alcohol Content. Serial Number, Date, Time Facility to feed drivers name, license no, registration no, address, officer name and place.

8 PC Connectivity – The entire data can be downloaded to a PC Through USB cable (compatible to Windows or Linux)

9 Switches and Buttons – ON/OFF, View up, View down, Print, Erase, Start etc.

10 Power Source -Built in rechargeable battery (7.4V 2000maH) to take 150 Printouts minimum

11 Mains Charger -SMPS charger is provided to operate from 185 to 270 volts

12 Car Charger -Adapter for cigarette lighter socket with coil leads to charger unit

13 Operating temperature* – -15 to 55 Degree Celsius *(On special request –20 to 70 degree celsius)

14 Blowpipe – Disposable Straw (1000 Straws supplied with Each Analyzer)

15 Installation software – Software to download data to PC through USB port

16 Accessories – Carry case for the Instrument and USB cable ,charger provided

17 Processor – ARM based micro controller