When dust prints are located on areas that make it difficult to retrieve them with conventional lifters, the PathFinder Omega Electostatic Dust Print Lifter is the tool you need. Compact, lightweight, and free of probes or leads, the PathFinder has been called the safest ESL unit on the market today. It is run from a single, widely-available 9V battery and has a built-in safety feature to protect the operator in the event of an accidental shock, even users with a heart pacemaker. This device will lift prints from a wide variety of surfaces, including floors, doors, plastic, paper, and metal, as well as concrete, carpet, chairs, and more. The PathFinder Omega comes with a grounding plate, instructions, and a plastic field case. Mylar film for collecting the prints is sold separately.

PathFinder Omega Electrostatic Dust Lifter