Maruthi’s Latent Fingerprint Powders carry a very high reputation for being highly sensitive in the development of prints on a wide variety of surfaces. These fingerprint powders are available in various colors to fit the needs of the fingerprint expert.

LAtent Finger Print Powders

Latent Finger Print Powders

After years of practical usage in field work “MSIP Brand” Latent Print Powders are considered the “Best Latent FingerPrint Powders in India” with world class quality. Each Latent Print Powder color contains an exclusive base ingredient which is the key to the successful development of Latent Prints. These Latent Print powders adhere to the secretions left behind by the intruders, revealing the latent pattern, without any smear or destruction in ridge formation.

Finger Print Magnetic Powder

Magnetic Latent Print Powders

These “MSIP Brand” Magnetic Latent Print Powders are a new method in latent print development. This method allows the Expert to reuse the same latent print powders with practically no waste involved. Specially formalized using the finest ferrous medium available. Can be successfully used on paper, card board, glass, furniture, plastic, leather etc. The powders are to be dusted by using magnetic powder applicator.

Metallic Latent Powders

Metallic Latent Powders

The mechanism and technique of powder dusting latent finger prints have further improved by coating the metallic latent powders such as silver powder. gold powder and copper powder onto fine quartz powder. Different sizes of finger print powder – coated particles can be used for different purposes in processing. The color of the Finger Print powder should be selected to give maximum contrast with the surface on which the latent print was deposited. Available in 3 ounce to 48 ounce net weight jars.

Finger print Fluroscent Powder

Fluorescent Non Magnetic Latent Powders

This is an another unique latent powder for use on multi-coloured surfaces. It ia a combination of Rhodamin 6G and fluorescent powders. By using a feather brush, these powders can be gently dusted on the surfaces. Available in 3 ounce to 48 ounce weight jars.

Finger print Fluroscent magnetic latent Powder

Fluorescent Magnetic Latent Powders

This is an unique latent powder for use on multi-coloured objects and surfaces. It is a combination of magnetic powder and the flourescent powders. When the developed latent prints are exposed to ultraviolet light, the latent prints are easily visible to the naked eye. Available in 3 ounce to 48 ounce net weight jars.


These latent print brushes are the result of updated and latest latent print development technologies. These brushes are unequaled because feathers are naturally smooth and feature a low friction quality. In addition fibers / feathers are corrosion and moisture resistant ensuring the finest brush even in extremely high humidity. These brushes allow the user to quickly change powder colors simply by shaking the brush free of initial powder.


Latent FingerPrint Brushes

Latent Print Powder Brushes, with different sizes, are specially manufactured for dusting and developing latent prints. They are made of smooth and high quality camel/Squirrel hair.

Feather Brushes

Feather Brushes

Latent Print Feather Brushes made of finest feather. It comes in i) Flat shape and (ii) Round Shape. These brushes can be used on large areas such as bureau, automobile body, walls, doors and window glass.

Fibreglass brush

Fibreglass Brush

Fiberglass Brush features extremely soft fiberglass filaments combined with a knurled black aluminum handle. Each brush is packaged in a clear plastic storage tube.

Magna Brushes

Magna Brush

The Magna Brush works on an electrostatic application, using permanent magnet. It can be used in detection of latent prints found on paper, wooden materials, glass, porcelain, ceramics, leather, metals etc. All kinds of magna powders can be used using the magna brush on all the objects.

Latent print Transparent Lifting Tapes

Latent Print Transparent Lifting Tapes

Finest transparent Latent Print Lifting Tapes, in different sizes are available. All tapes are pressure wound and heat treated to eliminate fish-eyes and adhesive streaks. This is the ideal lifting medium, flexible, yet will not distort the developed prints.

Finger Print Lifter Black and White

Finger Print Lifters

These lifters are specifically designed for lifting fingerprints from paper, cardboard boxes, or even wallpaper without destroying the surface. Lifter is available in 3 different sizes with white, black, or transparent adhesive rubber backing cards and crystal clear mylar cover sheets.

To lift a print, peel back the clear mylar cover, press the gelatin surface of the rubber backing card on the developed print, lift the print, and then replace the mylar cover.

White Black Transparent

2″x2″, 12/pkg LFT-RW-2X2 LFT-RB-2X2 LFT-RT-2X2

2″x4″, 12/pkg LFT-RW-2X4 LFT-RB-2X4 LFT-RT-2X4

4″x4″, 12/pkg LFT-RW-4X4 LFT-RB-4X4 LFT-RT-4X4

Finger Print Backing Cards

Fingerprint Backing Cards

The finger print lifters are useful for quick and safest method of lifting developed latent prints. The lifted print is free of fish – eyes, bubbles and other imperfections. Immediate comparisons can be made with the finger prints of suspects. Available in i) Transparent ii) White and iii) Black Colors and comes in three convenient sizes of 1½”x 2″,2″x 4″ and 4″x 6″.

Latent Print Blower (Automizer)

This Latent Print Powder Blower (Automizer) can be used for developing latent prints found on large surfaces, vast area and on the inaccessible areas.

Iodine Fuming Chamber

Iodine Fuming Chamber

The Iodine Fuming technique is very useful for successful latent print development, particularly on papers. The mechanism of the Iodine fuming is that when iodine crystals are warmed in the fuming cabinet, they produce a violet iodine vapour by sublimation. The fumes are absorbed by the finger print secretion residues to give yellowish brown latent prints.

Iodine Fuming Kit

Iodine Fuming Kit

Designed to develop latent prints on any vertical or horizontal surfaces. Also, ideal for developing large surface areas. Simply fume the area and latent print will develop immediately. Calcium Chloride is loaded in the gun to extract moisture when operating. The glass wool retains the iodine crystals.

Cyanoacrylate Fuming Gun Kit

Cyanoacrylate Fuming Gun Kit and Supplies

Our butane-fueled, auto-igniting fuming gun can be used in the lab or at a crime scene for developing prints by means of cyanoacrylate fuming. To use the gun, simply slide the on/off igniter switch to the on position and cyanoacrylate fuming begins immediately. The gun is also provided with a built-in bipod stand which keeps the hot tip of the gun off surfaces during cool down. Our butane cartridge will fuel three to four hours of continuous operation.

Kit Components

  •  1 ea. Copolymer Carrying Case,             
  • 1 ea. Cartridge Extraction Tool 

  14″ L x 6″ W x 2.5″ H                       

  • 1 ea. Kit Instruction Sheet
  •  1 ea. Cyanoacrylate Fuming Gun                          
  • 10 ea. Cyanoacrylate Cartridges 
  •  1 ea. 1.48 oz. Butane Cartridge        
Fuma Dome System

Fuma Dome System

The Fuma-Dome™ is a revolutionary system for developing latent prints via cyanoacrylate (superglue) fumes. Unlike other fuming guns, the Fuma-Dome™ combines a fuming gun and fuming chamber into one system specifically designed for use at a crime scene. It can also be used in the crime laboratory. This innovative design also incorporates a rechargeable cyanoacrylate cartridge, eliminating the need to purchase expensive one-use-only cartridges. At less than 25 cents per charge, the Fuma-Dome™ is extremely cost effective for your department.

Fuma-Dome™ is supplied with:

1 ea. 1.48 oz. Pressurized Butane Fuel Container

1 ea. 1 oz. Liquid Cyanoacrylate Bottle (to recharge the cartridge)

1 ea. Detailed Instruction Sheet