Finger Print roller
Finger Print Slab
FingerPrint Slabs & Rollers

The Finger Print Slab comes in an ultra – smooth White Formica Sheets. Available in the size of 7″ x 12″.

The Finger Print Roller is designed especially for applying Finger Print Ink on a Finger Print Slab. The cylindrical rubber is made of smooth, medium – soft rubber.

The unique design of the roller frame prevents the rubber from contacting the table when not in use. It comes with easy grip handle. Available in two designs with 4″ width.

Fingerprint Ink
FingerPrint Ink

This FingerPrint Ink can be easily applied by using a FingerPrint Roller on a FingerPrint Slab. The Ink can be spread into a thin film sheet, so that good quality of fingerprints could be recorded. It has the quality of quick drying and remains unaffected in all climates and temperatures. Available in 50 gms tubes.

Finger Print Concave Rollers
FingerPrint Concave Rollers

This is a specially designed Concave Roller. It can be easily used to apply Finger Print Ink in the fingers of a dead person to record the Finger Prints. Available in two designs with 1½” width.

cadaver spoon
Cadavar Spoon

At times, the investigating officers may find it very difficult to record the finger prints from a dead body. Due to the rigid condition of the fingers, applying Finger Print Ink and recording the Finger Prints may pose a problem. To get rid of this, a specially designed cadavar spoon, in concave design, with suitable facility to insert a paper stripe into a cavity, is made out. In this process, the inked fingers need not be rolled on the paper stripe, instead, the cadavar spoon with the paper stripe is to be rolled on the fingers.

Elimination Print Pad

Elimination Print Pad

Each Elimination Print Card Pad contains 50 cards which measure 7″ x 3.375″.

Fingerprint card holder
Fingerrint cardholder
Fingerprint Cardholder

Fingerprint Cardholder is suitable for fingerprint cards up to 25 cm wide. The cardholder is made of black epoxy-coated steel on a lacquered wooden base.

Disposable fingerprint preinked strips

Disposable Fingerprint Pre Inked Strips

Our Disposable Fingerprint Inking Sheets consist of two pre-inked sheets of .010″ acetate sandwiching a thin, even layer of fingerprint ink. To use the pre-inkedsheets, simply peel back the top sheet of acetate to expose the ink. Resting the sheet on a smooth, flat surface, roll the subject’s finger(s) on the bottomsheet and record the prints as you would be using any other inking system. The black ink is quick drying and quickly absorbs into any type of record card.

Advantages of Disposable Sheets

Easy to use – Pre-inked, no rollers, no slabs, completely disposable.

Excellent Reproduction – Ultra-black, non-fading, quick drying, permanent fingerprint ink.

Reusable – Simply fold the sheet together, press firmly on a flat surface, and the sheet is re-inked for additional use.

3″ x 1″ Qty. 100 Black Ink Strip

4″ x 2″ Qty. 100 Black Ink Strip

5″ X 3″ Qty. 100 Black Ink Strip

Fingerprint Pads

Hard, durable ceramic surface is compatible with any law enforcement need. Ink dries instantly and does not smear. Small round fingerprint pad yields 1200 prints and the small rectangular fingerprint pad yields 1400 fingerprints. The 2 inch fingerprint pad takes around 4800 fingerprints and the large 3X5 fingerprint pads yields 15,000-18,000 fingerprints. Compatible with any law enforcement need. Ink dries instantly and does not smear.

Finger Print Inkless Pad