The ability to study and measure the spread and distribution of firearms discharge particles on the clothing of a victim or upon an object can be a useful tool in determining the distance and angle of firearms discharge. Although the traditional methods of examining visible particles and scorching or tattooing are useful, smaller particles and condensed gases are generally not observable. A chemical method of detection and enhancement allow these particles and condensed lead gases to turn a pink color then a blue color for more accurate determinations. This method can also be utilized to determine if a suspicious hole in an object is in fact a bullet hole. In this case, the lead wipe commonly present around a bullet hole will be visualized as a blue color.

Our Firearms Residue Detection Kit provides all of the chemical reagents and supplies required to perform these enhancement procedures. The kit contains eight sets of premeasured reagents, spray heads, positive control strips, and instructions for use. Sets of refill reagents are also available to reorder. The kit is packaged in a durable, lightweight plastic case with foam for easy and safe transport from one crime scene to another. Please note, Reagent B and Reagent C have a long shelf life and can be reused. Reagent A should be discarded after use as it has a short shelf life.

It is suggested to conduct a positive and negative control test before testing the suspected area. Positive control strips are supplied for conducting the positive control. The test is conducted by pouring the powder contained in the capped glass vial into the bottle labeled Reagent A and shaking it to thoroughly to mix. Replace the cap with a spray head and spray the appropriate area of the questioned item with Reagent A. A yellowish background color may appear on the object. Replace the cap on Reagent Bottle B with a spray head and spray the same area. Areas containing Lead and a few other metals which may be present will react to form a pink color. Replace the cap on Reagent Bottle C with a spray head and spray the same area. The presence of lead is specifically determined wherever the previous pink color fades out and leaves a blue-violet color in its place. This indicates that lead and only lead is present. Measure, sketch, and photograph the results as the blue color may abruptly fade out.


Plastic Kit Box, 12″ L x 7.5″ W x 4″ H

• Firearm Residue Detection Powder – 8 vials per kit

Firearm Residue Detection Reagent A – 8 bottles per kit

• Firearm Residue Detection Reagent B – 3 bottles per kit

• Firearm Residue Detection Reagent C – 3 bottles per kit

• Container of Positive Control Strips

• Spray Heads – 4 per kit

• Kit Instructions Affixed to Inside of the Box

Firearms Residue Detection Kit