LAtent Print Developing Kit
Latent Print Developing Kit

A compact “MSIP Brand” portable Latent Print Kit contains all the essential materials for developing latent print evidence. It also contains finger print recording kit to record the finger prints of complaints and suspects for easy comparison and elimination purpose at the crime scene itself. The Latent Print Kit is handy, light weight and can be carried to any crime scene.

Finger Print Taking Kit
FingerPrint Taking Kit

An ideal portable FingerPrint Taking Kit, suitable for finger print professional to record the fingerprints at the scene-of-crime as well as for police personnel to record the fingerprints of suspected and convicted persons.

Investigator's Kit
Investigator’s Kit

The most complete scientific criminal investigation kit that enables the criminal investigator to perform every type of investigation and detection at the crime scene. Portable and versatile for the various investigation techniques to be performed with ease and assurance. This investigation kit is a much needed asset to any investigator. The kit is made of light aluminum body to give long years of service. There are 64 different materials in the kit.