Fingerprint evidence is still the most valuable form of criminal identification and to achieve the most accurate results when fingerprints are classified and compared, only the best quality magnifiers should be considered.



A high quality hand magnifier comes with finest optically ground opthalmic glass. It is fitted in a strong frame with solid black plastic handle which hold the lens safely below the rim level to prevent scratching and damage. Illuminated magnifier, battery operated models are also available.

Besides, retractable pocket magnifier, handy push-pull lens are also available. Pull to open, push to close. Body of high impact plastic keeps lens safe and clean when closed.

An economical and professional quality folding lens (Linen Tester) with a fixed 5x focus magnifier is available. It can be folded into a compact unit. The base is large enough to examine and compare rolled finger prints, size 1inch x 1 inch. Ideal handy pocket magnifiers for carrying in one’s shirt pocket is the other model available. Glass lens housed in a plastic protector.

Illuminated Finger Print Magnifier

Illuminated Fingerprint Scaled Magnifier

This magnifier is perfect for latent print examination, allowing the examiner to review prints without having to bend over the magnifier, reducing ergonomic strain and also allowing multiple people to view the image simultaneously. It can also be used for examining details at the scene or in the laboratory.

Portable & lightweight

Built-in LED Lighting

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with 3-hour continuous use battery life.

Head Mounted Magnifier

Convenient, comfortable, practical, flexible and hands free operation is to be expected from this magnifier. It’s a convenient and practical vision aid for those who work on tiny parts and intricate art and craft designs. It’s highly suitable for miniature painting, engraving, jewelry appraisal, art and collectible inspections, electronic gadget and timepiece repair. Moreover, this head band is adjustable with just a turn of a knob to give users a comfortable fit.

Interchangeable Powerful Lenses. The magnifier comes with 5 magnification power lenses of 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, 3.5X, which can deliver bi-plate magnification powers of 3.0X, 4.0X, 4.5X, 5.0X, 5.5X, 6.0X. The lenses are made of high quality ABS molded acrylic, providing clear and undistorted texts and images. With clamps on the head gear, users can set two lenses at a time for easy flipping or switching from one magnification power to another. Bright and Dual Purpose Head Light, it comes with a detachable head lamp which illuminates images – you can use it either during daytime or nighttime. The light box comes with 2 bright white LEDs that are powered by 3 AAA batteries. Once detached, it can serve as a stand-alone reading lamp or flashlight.

MH Fingerprint Magnifier

M-H Fingerprint Magnifier

The M-H Fingerprint Magnifier features high quality optics and distortion free viewing. The 4½X magnification is ideal for fingerprint examination. The machined base holds the Henry Disc rigidly at the proper focal distance. Henry Classification Disc is available for tenprint classification. Weight 5.3 oz.

Widefield Fingerprint Magnifier

Wide Field Fingerprint Magnifier

These models have the widest field of view available in fingerprint magnifiers. Ideal for latent print comparison and impression evidence examination. Easy focusing with a convenient thumbscrew locking adjustment. Frame constructed of solid aluminum. 3½X magnification from quality optics provide sharp, clear focusing of the entire viewing area such as palm prints and shoe impressions. Henry Classification Discs are available for ten print classifications.

Acrylic Lens Standing Magnifier

Acrylic Lens Standing Magnifier

These inexpensive magnifiers are ideal for students or training classes. Aspheric lens provide the capability to see gray tones better and, when looking at latent prints, this can be very important. The lightweight plastic body moves easily across a fingerprint card and it’s hard acrylic lens provides long life. The wide 6.5cm (29/16″) opening at the base allows for easy use of ridge counters when performing comparisons or classifications. Magnifier is 6.4cm (21/2″) tall.

Proscope HR2 CSI Lab Kit

Proscope HR2 CSI Lab Kit

The ProScope HR2 is an affordable USB handheld digital microscope designed for both PC and Mac platforms. With a high-quality, 2.0 Megapixel CCD, a -in LED illumination and a universal lens mount, the ProScope HR2 is a powerful imaging tool for education, lab, forensics, dermatology, archeology, art, quality control and inspection. The ProScope HR2 connects to the USB port of computers laptops allowing taking this digital microscopy tool from the lab to anywhere in the field for instant imaging and documentation. The full range of accessories including lenses (from 1x -400x), CCD adapter and microscope tube adapter creates a versatile microscopy imaging system which can be deployed practically anywhere for virtually unlimited applications. The ProScope HR2 is surprisingly easy to use: one-button image capture for digital still images, time lapse recording or videos, all stored on your computer or laptop. Focusing – Features and adjustable lens cone designed for touch-view focusing. This will steady the handheld ProScope HR2 for improved image quality.

Ridge Counters

Ridge Counters

Next to a magnifier, a ridge counter is a latent print examiner’s most utilized tool. The standard Plastic Handle Ridge Counter, the Stainless Steel Ridge Counter, the Retractable Ridge Counter, and the Reversible Ridge Counter are each excellent choices. The Retractable Ridge Counter may be safely carried in a shirt pocket. Each ridge counter provided in a clear plastic storage tube.

9 LED UV Purple Flashlight

9 LEDs UV Purple Light Linternas Tactical Flashlight 600lm Lanterna AAA Battery

41 LED UV flashlight

41 LEDs UV Purple Light Linternas Tactical Flashlight 600lm Lanterna AAA Battery

502 Purple Light Flashlight

502B Purple Light Ultraviolet UV LED Flashlight Torch 18650 Aluminium Flashlight

This UV lamp comes with high light intensity, stable and reliable quality. Using glass encapsulation and nickel plated alloy shell for the Ultraviolet, improve the light-emitting efficiency of Ultra Violet, reduces the attenuation and prolong the service life of Ultraviolet. This flashlight can be used to detect counterfeiting money, counterfeit cigarettes, fake train tickets, fake cell phone, brand cosmetics with anti-counterfeiting watermark or anti-counterfeiting trademarks and detect fluorescence material.

Main Features:

– Crenellated strike bezel for enhanced self-defense.

– Energy saving and low power consume.

– Also designed to mount on certain hand pistols, rifles and shotguns with

proper mounting equipment.

– Through anode processing, corrosion resistance.

– Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, rainy days also can be used.

– With a pocket clip to easily carry.

– Can be used to detect counterfeit cigarettes, fakes, fake train tickets, fake cell phone, brand cosmetics.

Forensic Light Source

Forensic Light Source

A full-spectrum light source, it provides single-wavelength illumination in UV-A, blue, green, cyan, amber, violet, red, and white light. The light offers super-bright visible LED optical output and ultra-high intensity UV-A LED performance. It is ideal for crime-scene investigation, gathering potential evidence, and forensic laboratory work. Enhances the Detection, Inspection and Photography of:

• Biological stains and latent fingerprints

• Blood and other bodily fluids

• Bruises/bite marks/pattern wounds

• Hair and fibers

• Grease, oil and other petroleum-based stains

• Questionable documentsFeatures

• Cordless, rugged, corrosion-resistant, black-anodized aluminum flashlight body stands up to heavy use in the field or laboratory.

• Eight Qwik-Connect™ interchangeable, single-wavelength LED lamp heads provide ultimate versatility.

• Detachable diffusing filter provides uniformity of light for forensic photography

• Three snap-on contrast filters (yellow, orange and red) allow for multiple users of lamp without the need to wear spectacles.

• Instant-on operation allows the lamp to reach full intensity immediately.

• Electronic Intensity Stabilizer ensures consistent performance. Beam strength will not weaken between charges!

• Powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery. Provides 90 minutes of continuous inspection between charges (smart AC and DC chargers included).

• Red/green battery strength indicator light signals when a fresh charge is required.

Ultraviolet Lamps

Ultraviolet Lamps

The ultraviolet lamp comes in 2 types. i) Main operated and ii) pen – type operates on 2 AA alkaline batteries. These UV Lamps are very useful for scanning latent prints developed by using fluorescent powders both with metallic and non – metallic powders. These UV Lamps are in use by criminal investigators and government agencies to detect passport and visa forgeries, identification forgeries and many more.