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The company’s association with Tamil Nadu Police, India, can be traced from 1964. Ever since Mr. N Kesavaram retired from service as Addl.Deputy Superintendent of Police (FingerPrints Department) after serving close to four decades of service in the Tamil Nadu Police Department, his mind had been wobbling around to involve himself to the benefit of the Police Force, particularly in the detection and investigation of crimes.

In the last few years, the investigating officials neither sourced standard Finger Prints products locally due to unavailability nor accessed international products because of the exorbitant cost. Therefore, the investigating officials are handicapped between the high-priced cost and sub-standard products. How to overcome this matter?

Mr. Kesavaram’s extensive service in the investigation field gave him an added advantage to seek an answer. This had pleased to launch a firm by himself namely “Maruthi Scientific Investigation Products (MSIP)” in the year 2003.

Ever since “Maruthi Scientific Investigation Products (MSIP)” came into existence, it has grown by leaps and bounds. The company is one of the prominent dealers in India for Police Investigation Equipments and Forensic Analysis Equipments. Numerous customers across States in India vouch for the quality, international standards, and affordability. Besides customer satisfaction, Maruthi Scientific Investigation Products (MSIP), is dedicated to supporting Crime Force to carry out its investigations with more efficiency and at a faster pace.